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Welcome to Starfish Finance

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Network program. We are building the next generation multi-chain one stop DeFi x Entertainment-Fi experience on Arbitrum One & Astar Network. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance merges DeFi, Entertainment-Fi, NFT and Starfish culture to curate a new chapter of Decentralised Financing.

Features on Starfish

DeFi x Entertainment-Fi Product Suite
Product Suite
The Starfish vision is to be the ultimate Web3 Entertainment-Fi brand. Our product has a strong foundation in DeFi technology, and extends to gamified features across Astar Network, Arbitrum and more ecosystems. SEAN Times, our community newsletter communicates the Starfish leadership’s market insights on a weekly basis.

Swap (Astar Network)

Trade tokens and stablecoins on multi-token pools

Liquidity (Astar Network)

Provide liquidity or create pools of maximum 8 tokens and share trading fees

Farm (Astar Network)

Stake Liquidity Pool Tokens into Farms and earn bonus rewards

Stake (Astar Network)

  • Stake SEAN to earn USDC stablecoin as a split of protocol revenue generated from trading
  • Stake SEAN to get sSEAN as an access to Seabed Launch (coming soon)

$DOT Liquid Staking (Astar Network)

Stake DOT to earn sDOT and rewards

Games (Arbitrum One & Astar Network)

Starfish Finance is leading the next massive narrative-- Entertainment-Fi. The protocol gamified DeFi features to provide a state-of-art experience for the Web3 community.

Seabed Launch (coming soon)

IDO and INO for tokens and NFTs

StarfishDAO (coming soon)

Vote on protocol's future changes and development

Getting Started:

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:


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