Congrats y'all who have your SEAN in hand! You can stake your $SEAN in our Pre-Staking pool to earn limited-offer SEAN reward for 60 days.

What is Pre-Staking?

Pre-Staking is a special, limited-time event for early SEAN holders to enjoy earning SEAN rewards by lock-up staking for 60 days, to have a chance to earn ultra high reward APY in the token y'all love - SEAN!

Why y'all should get more SEAN??

Let's remind ourselves the mighty utilities SEAN token here.

How to stake SEAN?

  1. Go to and connect your MetaMask wallet that hodls SEAN!

  2. Once connected, click on Stake, choose SEAN Pre-Staking to start your SEAN earning journey!

3. Input the amount of SEAN you want to stake, to get things easy, just click the MAX button to maximize your SEAN reward. Then click Confirm Stake and confirm your MetaMask popup transaction.

4. Voilà! Your SEAN is successfully staked in Pre-Staking pool! You can now see that your SEAN is safely locked. Claiming of SEAN reward will be available 60 days after the Pre-Staking. You can come back then to claim your SEAN reward.

How to Claim SEAN?

After the Pre-staking event ends, the staking pool will be updated as cSEAN staking pool. Those who have staked SEAN during Pre-staking event will be able to claim their SEAN rewards in cSEAN staking pool.

  1. Click on cSEAN card

2. You can find this box Harvest Pre-staking SEAN Reward and click Harvest to collect vested SEAN rewards (4% of SEAN rewards are harvestable instantly, 96% of the rewards are vested weekly for the next 6 months)

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