Starfish is the first NFT financing solution on Astar network.

What is NFT-Fi to Starfish?

The boom of NFT in the second half of 2021 has secured a high level of total value locked (TVL) in collectibles based on the NFT technology. However, this TVL is not liquid, and NFT holders have limited access to unleash liquidity locked in their NFTs. The Starfish fam acknowledges that there is a high and increasing demand for NFT-based lending and borrowing.

Starfish Finance vision is to create an unprecedented NFT-Fi model for users to experience cross-chain NFT liquidity in a permissionless and trustless manner. We focus a lot on building an effective pricing mechanisms, secured custody solutions, together with insurance plans, since we care loads about our SEAN frens' properties.

We truly believe in the potential in NFT, where most of the real-world assets becomes a virtual asset on metaverse, NFT-Fi will naturally grow into a towering tree.

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