Invest Basics

Provide Liquidity to share

How do I invest/provide liquidity?

First time here on Astar Network? Check out this Get Started guide on how to prepare yourself to rock and roll on Astar ecosystem.

In short, you'll need:

  • ASTR to pay gas fees

  • ERC20 tokens

  • An EVM address you can use with MetaMask wallet

What are the pool filters?

You will see there are 3 types of pools: Featured, Stable, My Pool.

Featured: All Aqua pools are featured pools, which users can stake in Farm for liquidity mining.

Stable: All Stable pools are composed with softly pegged tokens with equally distributed pool weight.

My Pool: All pools that you have provided liquidity into can be found in My Pool, for quick portfolio overview.

What are the benefits of providing liquidity?

Starfish Liquidity Providers (LPs) collect delegated fees on each swap. The more interactions with your pool, the more swap fees you will earn, growing the size of your investment over time.

In addition, Featured Pools are eligible for farming dual or single token reward, with one of the rewards in SEAN.

To read more about fees, click here.

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