sSEAN tokens allow you to participate in token offerings and NFT auctions of liquidated NFTs

What is sSEAN?

sSEAN is a credit used to enter Seabed Launches.

Depositing sSEAN into the Seabed Launch, will unlock the gateway to deposit your USDC into Token Offerings and bidding currency in NFT Auctions.

sSEAN is a non-transferrable and non-tradable token.

Once you have deposited sSEAN to gain access to a Token Offering or NFT Auction, it is burned on use.

How to get sSEAN Tokens?

Stake SEAN into the sSEAN Staking Pool (coming in 2023).

The sSEAN Token

  • Accrue as much sSEAN as you want

  • sSEAN is stored in your wallet when you claim it

  • sSEAN can be used at any time, for any Launch event

  • There is no value attached to sSEAN

  • sSEAN is non-transferable and cannot be sent to other wallets

  • You cannot buy sSEAN on any platform, it must be accrued from Staking

  • sSEAN has an infinite supply and is burned on use when entering a Launch

Why stake sSEAN?

more sSEAN mechanism details is coming soon!

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