Follow the step-by-step guide below to start swapping tokens on Starfish!

Shibuya Testnet version: https://shibuya.starfish.finance

Astar Mainnet version: https://app.starfish.finance

  1. Go to the Swap page.

  2. Connect your wallet if needed. You will be asked in MetaMask to connect to Astar Network, if this is the first time you enter the world of Astar.

3. Select the token you would like to swap. You can choose tokens from the token list, by click on the pay and receive token drop-downs.

4. Enter the amount of token you want to swap with, or click MAX to swap all your tokens in wallet. If you're done with the input amount, click Preview Order to check on your final swap order.

5. You'll see the Price Impact, Est. Transaction Fee, and Route that this swap is going through.

You can click on the "Refresh" button on the top right corner to update the pool data and make sure you're seeing the up-to-date swap rate. If everything looks okay, click Confirm Swap to continue the transaction. Click Confirm in MetaMask to start swapping!

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