How to flip a coin

A. Get ready & choose a side

A1. Connect Wallet, and make sure you’re on Arbitrum One. A2. Choose a side!

Simply click on the ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ to get started, and the player can always change their mind before confirming the transaction.

B. Commitment

B1. Select the token the player wants to commit.

The Coin Flip game will be launched first on Arbitrum One, supporting $SEAN and $ARB in the initial stage. The Starfish team will consider onboarding other tokens for the users to play this game in the future.

B2. Input the amount of tokens you want to commit

Once a player has selected the token, put in the amount of tokens they want to commit in the game. There is a minimum and maximum limit for different tokens. The player can input the amount manually or use the pre-defined amounts (as per the buttons above the “double or nothing” tab!

B3. Click on the ‘Double or Nothing’, and wish for the best

C. Settlement

The result is binary. If the player wins, the reward, together with the original committed funds will be automatically sent to their wallet. Otherwise, the player might move on to the next round to test their luck.

D. Recent history

D1. Recent transaction history

There is a dropdown menu for players to view the results of the latest 10 games. Each player’s participation is represented by their wallet address. They can see who else are playing the game.

D2. Personal history

The player can also switch to the ‘Personal’ tab to view their own stats & game results in the last 8 games.

D3. Leaderboard

Furthermore, they can switch to the ‘Leaderboard’ tab to see the top 50 players ranked by their net winnings and their stats ;) (Maybe one can identify a pattern of winning?)

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