๐Ÿ”ฎThe Prediction Market

Version 1.0 | Currently on Arbitrum One & Astar Network

Play to earn?

Nah. Win to earn in 2023.

Introducing Prediction Market

The Starfish Finance team has never stopped building, and our pursuit of excellence has never been stronger! Our team is delighted to announce the first step of the multichain future of Starfish Finance. We are launching our Prediction Market on both Arbitrum One & Astar Network. This is also the debut of a new era in Web3, the Entertainment-Fi, which the Starfish team is taking the lead from the Aquarium.

What is Prediction Market?

Prediction Market is a decentralized platform that allows users on Starfish Finance to trade on the ups and downs of a certain token (We are kicking off the king $BTC). We are deploying this new feature on both Arbitrum One & Astar Network.

From now on, the Starfishes have the power to predict the $BTC trend, and whatโ€™s more? Perhaps your vision can make you big wins!

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