Invest strategically with customizable

Starfish AMM logic by creating a launchpad for teams to innovate with different AMM strategies. This means if you want to launch a new style of trading pool, you can focus on the high-level concepts without having to worry about low-level token transfers, balance accounting, security checks and order routing. With Balancer V2, this all comes out of the box.

Existing pool types are:

  • Weighted Pools - pools with custom weighting, and max 8 tokens

  • Stable Pools - Pools with 2-5 tokens that use a StableSwap equation, and contain tokens of similar value. For example, DAI/USDC/USDT, and WBTC/renBTC/sBTC

Pools that are coming soon:

  • MetaStable Pools - A generalized Stable Pool that can hold "proportional" assets that are related in price but may slowly drift apart in price. Some example use cases are pools of (DAI/cDAI) and (StablePoolBPT/NewStableCoin)

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