Withdraw - Remove Liquidity

Withdraw liquidity to realise your split of trade fees

Starfish allows user to withdraw their investments from liquidity pools in two means.

  • Proportional Withdrawal

  • Single Sided Withdrawal

Maximum Swap In/Out Ratio - 0.3

A maximum swap in ratio of 0.3 means a user can only swap in less than 30% of the current balance of tokenIn for a given pool, or swap out less than 30% of the current balance of tokenOut.

This means if user execute a single sided withdrawal, only less than 30% of the single token would be withdrawn.

How does proportional withdrawal work?

Proportional withdrawal is just like removing liquidity from any other AMM protocols, you can redeem all underlying tokens of the pool with respect to the pool weight and the amount of Starfish Pool Token (SPT) you have.

Assume that you have provided liquidity to the following pool, with underlying token balance of 100 USDT, 100 USDC, 100 wBUSD. And at this moment, you would like to remove liquidity and get back all underlying tokens, i.e. 100 USDT, 100 USDC, 100 wBUSD.

  1. Click Withdraw button to start removing liquidity of this pool.

2. Under the Token dropdown, it's by default chosen All, meaning you are doing proportionate withdrawal. You can click the MAX button next to Balance to burn your SPT to redeem all underlying tokens.

3. Click Preview Withdraw, to review the final underlying tokens to be received with the input SPT for withdraw. You can refresh the pool, by clicking the "Reload" button on the top right corner. If the final amount looks okay to you, click Confirm Withdraw, and Confirm transaction on MetaMask.

How does single sided withdrawal work?

Single Sided withdrawals allow users to withdraw from a pool in the form of only one of the assets. A price impact due to the shift of the balance of the tokens will be accounted in this scenario.

  1. To choose single sided token withdrawal, click on the token dropdown, and choose the token you wish to redeem. Say you want to redeem as USDT only, choose USDT token in the popup.

2. If you wish to redeem maximum amount of USDT in terms of SPT you hold, click MAX button and you will see the corresponding price impact you are going to experience based on the amount entered.

3. Click Preview Withdraw if you want to continue with the withdraw amount. You are advised to look at the Price Impact and click the "Refresh" button to see the latest USDT amount you can redeem. Click Confirm Withdraw to continue with the withdrawal transaction.

4. After the transaction goes through, you'll see the updated My Investment balance, and more USDT in your wallet!

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