About Starfish Finance

Starfishes are born to be friendly. As a community-driven protocol, we value our community, and we endeavor to share our spirit across other communities. We wish to empower the community with an inclusive yet unique Starfish culture.

Brand Values

What does the Starfish brand stand for?

  • Community - the soil we care for and grow together.

  • Collaboration - the laboratory we create and innovate.

  • Convenience – the infrastructure we connect with our users.

The Core Brand Values

  • A one-stop journey with Multi-token stablecoin swap.

  • Embracing a multi-chain future connecting Layer 1s and Layer 2s

  • Build a multi-chain Entertainment- Fi introducing gamified experience of DeFi & NFT

Brand Personality

Who is SEAN? ...

Sean is born from the Starfish Planet of our logoâœŗī¸

Sean is a fren of everyone. Sean likes all the colours of the🌊

Sean loves a good burger after workout🍔

Sean enjoys crypto and NFT trading💰

Sean embodies inclusivity and connectivity - the heart of the multi-chain future.❤ī¸

Sean vibes.

The Vision

Starfish Finance is incubated by the Astar Builders program. We are building the next generation DeFi x NFT-Fi headquarters on Astar Network within the Polkadot ecosystem. Through gamification of user experience, Starfish Finance offers stablecoin swap and NFT-Fi on top of an enhanced Balancer AMM model to deepen the liquidity of crypto or NFT trading and financing.

Come to Starfish Finance and Swap, Provide LP, Stake, Farm, Launch, and unleash your liquidity with NFT-Fi â€Ļ Do it all under one roof. Users of the Platform will have the ability to immerse themselves into a fully integrated, highly accessible DeFi x NFT-Fi Financing Platform.

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