Stake DOT

Earn rewards while you stake your DOT tokens.

Stake DOT to earn sDOT and wASTR reward

How to Stake DOT with Starfish

The process for staking DOT with Starfish is "kandan". Go to Stake page, and click DOT Liquid Staking card to start staking!

After getting into the card, you will see the info about DOT Liquid Staking, Stake and Unstake Panel. You can check the sDOT APR, wASTR APR, Total Staked DOT amount and your staked DOT share of pool %.

Input your stake amount and click Preview Order to continue with staking.

After clicking Preview Order, have a check on the final sDOT amount you are receiving. If everything's alright, click Approve DOT & Confirm Stake to start confirming MetaMask transactions on token approval and stake transaction.

You need to have enough ASTR in your Metamask account to perform a stake operation. ASTR is Astar Networkโ€™s native token.

Approve DOT is approving exact amount of DOT you wish to stake. You need to approve DOT next time you stake again.

Pay attention to the Transaction Fee at the Preview. You need to pay 0.035 DOT for relay-chain and parachain transaction fees upfront the nomination.

Once you have approved and confirm the stake transaction on MetaMask, you'll see update on Your sDOT. Your sDOT balance will start accumulating after it's bonded to the next epoch for relay-chain DOT nomination.

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