Choose NFT as your Profile Pic

To add personal touch on your profile, you can choose the your NFT on Arbitrum or the following Astar NFTs you hold as your profile pic!

Astar Degen:0xd59fC6Bfd9732AB19b03664a45dC29B8421BDA9a Astar Cat:0x8b5d62f396Ca3C6cF19803234685e693733f9779 Nika Conqueror:0xE6cB7CE7737D9ffA29267fcBdD0940Ee624d897D AstarGhost:0xB4bD85893d6F66869d7766aCe1b1eb4d867d963e Kongz of Astar:0x6057ce60779F02376891BEE353BC49D7197AF009 Astar Punks:0x1b57C69838cDbC59c8236DDa73287a4780B4831F

Click the SEAN icon here, and start choosing your favourite NFT as your profile pic.

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