Stake SEAN in cSEAN staking pool to share splits of protocol revenue in stablecoin.

What is cSEAN?

cSEAN is one of the Staking options that distribute users with share of protocol trading fees in form of Stablecoin.

  • Stake SEAN into cSEAN and earn Stablecoin - USDC

Harvest your share of Protocol Revenues

For every swap on Starfish, 50% of the delegated fee is charged as protocol trading fee and accrued by the protocol. This is then converted into a Stablecoin, and then distributed to the cSEAN Pool every 24 hours.

  • Staking into cSEAN rewards you with a share of Featured Pools' revenue generated

How to Stake into cSEAN?

  1. Head over to the Staking page

  2. Select cSEAN card

3. Stake your SEAN, click Preview Order, then click Confirm Stake to continue with the transaction (you will need to approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet)

4. Click Harvest when you wish to claim Rewards (you can accumulate the rewards for harvesting)

5. Congratulation, you have now harvested Stablecoin rewards!

cSEAN is not a Token/Receipt therefore there is no Contract ID for cSEAN.

Withdrawal Fee

  • Unstaking from cSEAN may come with a fee

  • The fee can scale up to 3% Max, depending on the number of SEAN already Staked

  • The 3% Fee is taken from the SEAN token that you withdraw from the cSEAN Pool

  • Currently any deposit fee taken will be sent to the Treasury

How much do I earn?

cSEAN Stakers receive rewards proportional to their share of the cSEAN vault.

Calculation: userRewardRate = userSEAN / totalSEAN * cSEANRewardRate.

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