๐Ÿช™The Coin Flip

Version 1.0 | Currently only on Arbitrum One

โ€œA flip a day keeps the bill away.โ€

Arbitrum One version: coming soon!

Arbitrum Goerli version: https://flipfest.starfish.finance/game/coinFlip

Introducing Coin Flip

Starfish Finance proudly presents our second game following the prediction market, Coin Flip, on Arbitrum One as weโ€™re stepping into the new era of Web3 โ€” Entertainment-Fi. A player simply chooses heads or tails to get rewarded or test their luck in the next games. The charm of 50โ€“50 is the foundation of all games!The result is binary. If the player wins, the reward, together with the original committed funds will be automatically sent to their wallet. Otherwise, the player might move on to the next round to test their luck.

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